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general building

All services covered ranging from small fences and walls up to large extensions etc.

Streetworks Sites

We can perform a range of streetworks jobs as we have workers who are streetworks qualified.


We will design and install your decking in the material most suitable for you. We install timber and composite decking.

painting & decorating

We have a maintenance and decorating team. We can carry out all of your decorating needs.

Gantry Installation

Armada is experienced with installing Gantry for tower builds, from installing the foundations and erecting the Gantry posts to installing the cable ladders to the posts.

Rooftop Work

We also provide a vast range of rooftop services ranging from installing plinths to laying felt and installation.

garages & extensions

We can arrange planning permission, drawings and then the build of your proposed garage or extension.



Cobbles are just one of the many surfaces we install. Other surfacing works we can carry out include: Tarmac, Concrete, Block Paving, Monoblocking, etc.

Trial Holes

Armada is very experienced in Trial Holes, digging down to the requested dimensions and ensuring there are no services in the area. Great communication is utilized to ensure the job is always done to the clients standard

5G Mast Builds

With the upcoming 5G builds Armada is involved in many aspects of the tower builds from Trial Hole digs enabling the location of the towers to be decided to the building of the towers including the foundations and Gantry Installations


We can repair, replace, unblock or even clean your guttering.

fascia & soffits

We specialise in replacing Fascia & Soffits. Each enquiry will be surveyed and options will be offered.

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